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Using Placehold.it For Smarter Prototyping

I’m defining a smart prototype as one that effectively communicates what is happening in the design and how the finished product will function and look when it is completed. One of the ways we can do that is by using descriptive text for body copy that actually says what’s going on (lorem ipsum, don’t worry… Read More

WordPress Development

Hide Specific Pages from WordPress Search Results

A situation that comes up often is wanting to hide certain pages from WordPress search results. This can be achieved pretty easily using the pre_get_posts hook in your functions.php file. Just pass in an array of page IDs to the ‘post__not_in’ WP_Query parameter (note the double underscores) and you’re good to go. View the code… Read More

WordPress Development

Collaborative, Rapid, Iteration-Based In-Browser Design

CRIBID. Yep, this is what I’m calling designing in the browser now. An overview of the process goes something like this: Research – Define design objectives, branding, audience, content architecture Style Guide – Create visual language using style tiles, moodboards, etc Get it into the browser – Create HTML/CSS layout using visuals defined in style guide… Read More

WordPress Development

Add blog page content before posts

When using a static front page and blog page, it’s sometimes nice to show the content of the blog page itself before looping through its posts. This piece of code will pull the content from the blog page (as set by Settings > Post Page) and output it before the loop of posts. View the… Read More